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Digital PR is in a lot of ways similar to traditional PR while also having certain distinct qualities of its own. It is certainly a more diverse portfolio is what someone experienced from within the industry will tell if you ask them more about it.

Digital PR goes beyond just mention and organic articles in online media houses, but it also includes things influencer marketing across various social media platforms as well as other digital collaborations of similar nature. A common thing people do is confuse digital advertising with paid PR and while there’s a very thin line between the two, how audiences react to both the things is also very unique.

Digital PR across certain media houses if done smartly can also be involved in your inbound efforts with very simple clear messaging that’s not promotional but more informative. While it is a separate service altogether, the execution involves a lot of other channels which can make it confusing for some. To know more about how our Digital PR efforts can help your team, reach out to us on the details below and someone will get back to you shortly!

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